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Let your nails breathe!

Are you one of those clients who faithfully get their manicure and pedicures done every two weeks? Well, That's a good thing! There's nothing wrong with a little bit of TLC for yourself every now and then, but make sure your nails get the same TLC. Take a break from regular nail polish, gel polish, nail hardeners, etc. It doesn't matter if they tell you that the nail polishes you're using is 3 or 5 toxins free, that its water based, vegan-based, or organic polish. Polish is still Polish! To not have anything on is always a plus! I always tell my clients that winter time is the best time to still get pedicures but avoid the polishing part and just let them breathe. In those 3 months, you can really see a drastic change in your nail beds. They're no longer yellow stained or even have those white scuffs from constantly wearing polish back to back. The same goes for your manicures, so be sure to let them breathe!

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