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As of now, Polish Lounge offers a walk-in, appointment, and same day call-ahead salon for your convenience. 
This will make your service more efficient when you arrive. To avoid a long wait time, we advise you at least call ahead and see if we have any opening at the time you prefer.  It's always best to have an appointment to avoid long wait time. In some cases, we are booked earlier in the day and can't fit anymore clients in the time slots. Also, booking a certain time does  not guarantee that you will be taken right away. We will try our best to accommodate and respect everyone's time. Please be aware that if you or your party are not present at the salon even after a 10 minute grace period was given when we call his/her name, we must move on to the next client on our list. We may still be able to take you but, we may or may not have to adjust your services. If you are running late and did not let us know, your services may have to be adjusted or you may have to wait until the next available time. 
We will not and cannot hold time slots for large parties who want to arrive at a specific hour without a confirmation. Please be aware that our clients who arrive early to wait outside our doors must be accommodated beforehand. If a specific time is the only time that works for you, we recommend that you and your party arrive early to wait.  Our Recommendation is to arrive as soon as we open on the morning of your event to confirm your spot. Th

...DUE TO COVID-19...

the salon has implemented new rules that shall go into effect until further notice.


*Face mask must be worn at all times until you leave, we still have children coming in and would prefer to protect them the best we can.

*You will still be separated by a plexiglass shield

*Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before picking your polish

*We will temporarily not be serving any beverages

*No other guest should be coming in with you unless you both have an appointment at the same time

*Please call to check in when you have arrived. We kindly ask you wait in your car or outside until we call you to come in

**There will also be a few price adjustments to our services due to the increased measures to keep everyone safe at the salon**

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