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Benefits of Using Cream Wax

  • Being less sticky, waxing with cream wax is less painful.

  • It is ideal for using on the face, which a sensitive body part. Waxing your face with hot/cold wax can result in redness and inflamed skin. Moreover, the area around the eye is also very sensitive, therefore the gentler the wax…the better.

  • Cream wax also contains conditioning agents – it not only gives you a smooth waxing finish but also moisturizes your skin and protects you against redness and inflamed skin.

So, cream wax is the way to go with facial hair and also for no-pain waxing.

Honey is an excellent humectant (helps keep moisture in the skin) and lime juice astringes the pores.



upper /lower lip 10+

eyebrows 15+

all tweezing $20+

chin 12+

cheeks 10+

neck 12+

sideburns 16+

underarms 24+

half arm 28+

full arm 43+

knuckles 10+

half leg 38+

full leg 63+

toes 12+

chest 37+

back 55+

stomach 27+

bikini 37+

Brazilian 65+

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