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White Scuffed Nails after Gels?

Did you notice some white scuff marks on your nails? Are they peeling or causing ridges to occur? White scuffed nails can be caused by trauma to your nail bed. In most cases, when white spots appear on a single or a couple of fingers or toes, the most common cause is injury to the base of the nail. When this is the case, white spots disappear after around eight months, which is the amount of time necessary for nails to regrow completely. This can also commonly happen when your nail tech is trying to get those gels off your nail beds faster. Scraping away at your nail bed when it's not fully

lifted to its potential to easily come off smoothly. Yup! It happens! So next time, tell your nail tech to sit and wait until it is fully lifted to remove easily. You have dip powder on?! (Which is still acrylic by the way!) That's even worse! They have to remove it with the drill bit, or have you soak in "PURE ACETONE" for an even longer period of time! Removal process of a gel manicure, dip powder, or acrylics are the main reasons on why or what damages the nail beds, so be aware!!

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