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How to avoid losing your toe nails

Make sure to trim your toenails regularly, and if possible, go for pedicures every month to really look after your feet. Moisturize your feet regularly, including your toenails – coconut oil does the trick!

Get shoes that fit, too small and your feet with touch the end, too big and you could slide around hitting the top of the shoe as you run. Ensure the toe box is large enough. It’s not enough just to have the right running shoes, take a closer look at the pair you stuff your feet in to everyday for work – are they really doing your feet any favors? Wear proper cushioned running socks, adding an extra layer of protection between your feet and your shoes/the pavement.

What to do if/when you do lose a toe nail:

If you feel a toenail start to loosen – do not pull it off. In fact,

I stick my toenails down with plasters for as long as I can to encourage something to grow beneath the flappy bit of nail. This worked a treat with my first two nails, by the time they fell of there were baby nails forming and I didn’t look like an extra from Game of Thrones.

Alternatively you could just wear a plaster over the toe until a new one grows in – the funkier the plaster, the better!

Don’t pull off the nail until it is ready – you could end up pulling it prematurely out of the nail bed which is excruciating. Wait until it literally falls off, or trim it back with nail clippers.

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